A Better Ping


Written in Python, UpPing is an uptime/top inspired version of ping.

  • Simple Internet test: upping
  • Cable testing: upping -e -v .5 -p .5
  • WiFi/HotSpot connection speed testing: upping -a -s -p .5
  • Alert on Internet connection error: upping -e -v .5 -q
  • Monitor Internet connection: upping -a -e -p 30
  • Monitor server status: upping -v .5 -p 60 -e github.com
  • Show connection statistics: upping -s
  • Log Internet connection to screen: upping -r -s
  • Log Internet connection to file: upping -q -s -f connection.log
  • Estimate maximum distance: upping -d github.com


usage: upping [-h] [--install] [-V] [-a] [-d] [-e] [-f FILENAME] [-p SECONDS]
              [-q] [-r] [-s] [-v VOLUME]

upping version 1.0. An uptime/top inspired version of ping: Displays/records
average ping speeds for 15m, 5m, 1m; current ping speed; [statistics;]
[distance (km);] connection time. Audible ping speeds and errors.

positional arguments:
  destination           network destination IP or address (default:

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --install             install to Linux destination path (default:
  -V, --version         display version and exit
  -a, --audio           generate audio tone (for pings under 1000ms) -
                        requires PyAudio & NumPy
  -d, --distance        estimate distance in km with 2/3 lightspeed
  -e, --error           chirp on connection error - requires PyAudio & NumPy
                        record connection history to file
  -p SECONDS, --pause SECONDS
                        pause seconds between ping requests (default: 2)
  -q, --quiet           quiet mode: no display
  -r, --record          display dis/connection history record
  -s, --statistics      display minimum & maximum statistics
  -v VOLUME, --volume VOLUME
                        audio volume (default: 0.1)

CTRL-C to exit.


Download from https://github.com/wolfospealain/upping.

Install (Linux)

sudo python3 ./upping.py --install

For audio options: pip3 install pyaudio numpy

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